A7 Chips Your All Time Buddy As Dual Core Processor

A7 Chips Your All Time Buddy As Dual Core Processor

Henry my husband was anticipating a relocation shift in his job to Melbourne in-spite of having spent about 15 years in Edinburg,UK. We certainly were very excited to have been shifted to this wonderful city and looked forward to having great time in this marvelous place. As with any new city we were in a great phase of adventure with the sight seeing and exploring the local extravaganza in form of cuisine and entertainment. Now was the time for Henry to settle with his work and having done away with his electronic gadgets and computers back home we were in great hunt for a good device of computer . Initially on rental basis as his office was in the midst of setting up and he had lot of back up work to compile from home before he resumed office coming month. We tried referring to the local newspapers,shopping spree interludes, speaking to locals as to where we could lay our hands on rental facility of computers. Bingo! We did get instant help from the post office staff we visited quite frequently to collect our mails and he gave a reference of this wonderful company who exclusively dealt in computer items both on rental and outright purchase. Having collected the telephone from him and taking the guidance of reaching their office. We were thoroughly amazed and impressed not only by the display of items available with them on rental but also thorough professionalism and the ambiance of their entire set up. Yes! Henry did get from Rentipad this wonderful Apple A7 (that he does not get tired explaining to all his friends and colleagues) is a System on Chip(SoC) that sits at the heart of the iPhone,5s,iPad Air and the iPad mini (second generation). A7 is the chipset that controls all the other components in the iPhone viz. The display and storage. SoC combining multiple components into a single chip is inside the computer with a processor,graphic card,sensors miniaturized into a single component. A7 sits an ARM processor nicknamed “Cyclone” is officially dual-core ARMv8-A Processor running at 1.3-1.4 GHz. Henry is more comfortable with Apple A7 GPU (Graphics processing unit) with its Power VR G6430 feature. Apple was first to introduce the ARMv8-A to a smart phone (and it’s doozy) with more calculation performance Is actually a Power VR G6430, is certainly a much capable chipset with a more efficient clock speed and has battery life and lower heat which is why the iPhone is thinner than other phones.

A7Chip is certainly a fascinating new device of Retina display weighing 469 gm device with M7 motion compressor,iOS 7 operating system. He got it at a fantastic deal of one year hire with an option of free renewal as well. Voila! Was there a reason we were not on cloud nine ? Henry was so elated that he treated me along with the post office staff a cozy dinner at one of the best dining place in Melbourne bang in the middle of the city.

A7 piece with a dual core processor comes with an extra perk of 64 bit processor higher clock rate and new chip design is 4 times faster in terms of CPU performance and 8 times faster than A5 in terms of GPU performance. A7 is basically for iPhone 5s with 64 bits architecture 1.3GHz Dual Core CPU a powerful beast with Image Signal Processor,”Secure Enclave” for storing and processing the Touch fingerprint sensor data,Compass tracking motion and Gyroscope.

With cached memory (L1 cache of 64 GK for data and 64 KB for instructions and L2 cache of 1MB shared with two CPU) is responsible for speeding up the operation of Apple Devices. This speeds up the processor as well as makes it easy to access.

The image processor of A7 is one of my favourite feature. This image processor is a specialized digital signal processor used for processing my photo books and photo images for my publications. You know! It is so handy for recording color,reducing noise and image sharpening. This performs with less distraction on the main ARM-v-8-ACPU. With new A7 it features secure enclave which stores and protects the information on your fingerprint used by Touch Id.

My husband and myself we always argue and disagree with great fun on these two quotes from Steve Jobs : “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become”. “The only way to do great work is to Love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart you will know when you find it “.

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