Cyber Security awareness for Senior Citizens by AVG antivirus:

Online activity has becomes common among the children, young generation and also among the senior citizen. Children’s and younger generation are totally aware of the cyber crimes, their attacks and also about the circumstances of these attacks. But older people are unaware of the circumstances of the cyber threat and its extent of danger. So hackers target them first. But these attacks can be stopped by following some basic rules and by encouraging senior citizen to follow and practice online safety by just installing AVG antivirus through to protect their private information and identity.

Use of Internet by Senior Citizens:

As we know that, using internet not only provide information but also you can enjoy leisure activities. Senior citizen use internet to read latest news, get in touch with their loved ones, shop online, manage their bank accounts, share and receive pictures of their loved ones, get medical advice, access medical accounts, share religious and political views.

Cyber Security Awareness tips for the Senior Citizens:

Use of AVG Antivirus:

Installing antivirus in their device is the most effective and simple way through which they can protect their device.AVG antivirus is trusted antivirus which senior citizen should install in their internet connected device through It scans the entire data of their device and gives protection to their device when they are offline or away from their device. This antivirus creates a wall between the hackers and their device and also monitors their network traffic. This antivirus also has the update feature and web cam protection feature. This antivirus protects their device from all kind of cyber threat and gives security in best possible way.

Update Operating System:

It is very important that you update your device. If you are not updating your device it will results in many serious consequences like cyber threat, loss of personal information, viruses and malware will enter in your device. When your device show updates, immediately update it, do not postponed it.

Back up Data:

Always keep a back up of your data like your personal information and sensitive data because if there is any kind of cyber threat your data is saved. And you don’t have to suffer a lot. You must have a reliable back up program installed in your device.

Choose a tough password:

Always choose a long and a strong password for your device so that hackers cannot easily hack it. It should be of 10 to 15 characters lengthy and a mix of letters, symbols and numbers. You can also generate your password through password manager.

Avoid using Public Wi-Fi:

As the public Wi-Fi contains malware, so it is advised not to use public networks. If it very important and urgent then you can use through VPN (virtual private network). VPN will hide your IP address.


For all the senior citizen, it is advised to follow these rules to keep you protected against all kind of threat. But if have any problem in installing AVG antivirus then you can visit to the customer care of AVG through

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