How you can Secure Your Device from Online Cam Hacking?

AVG is the strong antivirus which gives your device security against all kind of online scams. It does not allow hackers to reach device as it provide you the advanced feature of Web Cam Protection. Its firewall setting feature creates a wall between the cyber threat and your device. It continuously monitors your device so that you can surf on the web securely. You can install this software through  If your phone gets stolen or lost, then it can be easily found with the anti-theft and camera trap feature. It offers user friendly interface and is very easy to use. In this blog, AVG has given some tips to secure your device from Online Cam Hacking.

Secure Your Device From Online Cam Hacking:

  1. Cover Your Digicam: It is advised that you should cover your Laptop camera as hackers always try to watch your online movement. You should unplug your Web cam when you are not using it. Or you can use the old method that is to put an electrical tape on your web cam, so that hackers cannot be able to watch your online movement.
  2. Install AVG Antivirus In Your Device: You should install AVG Antivirus via in your device. This secures your device from Internet Cam hacking. It does not allow hackers to access your device and nobody will get to your gadget without your consent.
  3. Enable Firewall Setting: For the security of your device, you should enable firewall setting. As this feature control and manages the sending and receiving network traffic. It also creates a wall between the internet threat and your gadget. As a result hackers cannot be able to harm your device.
  4. Do not Click On Suspicious Link: It is recommended that you should not click on malicious connection or links which comes in messages or emails as these are Trojan connections. Attackers can hack your Web Cam through Trojan connections called RAT. Through this attackers can see your messages, your online movement and can see whatever you are doing on your screen.
  5. Regularly Notice Your Web Cam Indicator: You should regularly notice your Web Cam Indicator of your device. If you are not using your device, and the camera light is still on this means your device is hacked by the hackers or there is some problem in your PC and you find the way to overcome this problem.

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